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Chargé de Recherche

I'm studying through numerical simulations how natural materials (soil, rock, ..), or the structures built thereof, deform under loads. Since most natural materials are made from grains (sand being a typical example), I usually perform these numerical simulations looking at a collection of interacting particles. Applications of my research lie in the field in Civil Engineering, e.g. for hydraulic structures such as dams.

More precise scopes are listed below, together with the resulting publications ([A..] = journal articles, [Pr..] = proceedings articles, [Ch..] = book chapter, [E..] = editor work, [Doc..] = code documentation).

You may also check the Scopus details (ID: 36559174600), as well as my Orcid page for more background information.

Level-Set (LS-DEM) shape description for discrete geo-mechanics


Level-Set description of superellipsoid particles

[A18] A Level Set-Discrete Element Method in YADE for numerical, micro-scale, geomechanics with refined grain shapes, J. Duriez, C. Galusinski, Computers and Geosciences, vol. 157, 2021, hal-03359788. With a source code at

[A17] Precision and computational costs of Level Set-Discrete Element Method (LS-DEM) with respect to DEM, J. Duriez, S. Bonelli, Computers and Geotechnics, vol. 134, 2021, hal-03225311

[Pr10] Level set representation on octree for granular material with arbitrary grain shape, J. Duriez, C. Galusinski in Proceedings Topical Problems of Fluid Mechanics 2020, D. Šimurda, T. Bodnár (Eds), Prague, February 2020, ISBN 978-80-87012-74-1, hal-02484591

Micromechanics of wet granular materials and effective stress discussion


Middle image by R. Wan (Univ. of Calgary) & J. Duriez, left and right images from and resp.

[A15] Preferential growth of force network in granular media, M. Pouragha, J. Duriez, A. Wautier, R. Wan, F. Nicot, F. Darve, Granular Matter, vol. 21(67), 2019, hal-02172048

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Micromechanics of rock fracturing


DEM modelling of rock fracturing and interpretation in terms of local tensile stresses, from [A6]

[A16] Assessing the brittle crust thickness from strike-slip fault segments on Earth, Mars and Icy moons, F.-V. Donzé, Y. Klinger, V. Bonilla-Sierra, J. Duriez, L. Jiao, L. Scholtès, Tectonophysics, vol. 805, 2021, hal-03158574

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Material stability (second order work criterion) of rock joints and rock cliffs


Stability analysis of the "Gorges de Valabres"
(southern French Alps) from [Ch3]

[A3] Material stability analysis of rock joints, J. Duriez, F. Darve, F.-V. Donzé, F. Nicot, International Journal for Numerical and Analytical Methods in Geomechanics, vol. 37 (15), p. 2539–2562, 2013, hal-01868730

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Constitutive modelling of soils and interfaces


Interface constitutive relations: response enveloppes from [A2] (left), and model-experiments comparison from [A4] (right)

[A4] Constitutive modelling of cohesionless soils and interfaces with various internal states: An elasto-plastic approach, J. Duriez, É. Vincens, Computers and Geotechnics, vol. 63, p. 33–45, 2015, hal-01865383

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Numerical modelling with the Discrete Element Method (DEM)


DEM model (YADE code) of a simple compression test from [A6] (left) and [Ed1]'s front cover (right)

[Ed1] 2nd YADE Workshop: Discrete-based modeling of multi-scale coupled problems. Booklet of Abstracts, J. Duriez (Ed.), Aix-en-Provence, April 2018, ISBN 979-10-94074-06-0

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